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Face-to-face counselling available in Bristol.

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Why access counselling?

Modern life can take its toll.

With the rise in technology, science, and living standards, it often feels as though we should be happier than ever.

We live under more pressure to succeed and to be happy, at an increasingly faster pace. We can become disconnected to natural rhythms and ways of life, and in turn, disconnected to our Self and others.

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Ali has a very professional and friendly approach and made me feel at ease straight away.


Counselling can help when you feel lost, isolated, low, or have issues from the past that are affecting how you live now.

Counselling can also help when you no longer feel like you, or feel as though you are losing control of your life.

I can potentially offer you the extra support you need with counselling online or in Bristol.

I offer a safe, open space to support you in finding an understanding on whatever may currently be holding you back.

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